Southern Burgundy

Burgundy can be visited all year round and yet it is from September to November that it is most bewitching. The Côte d’Or, for its yellow, orange and red reflections visible on all the unavoidable vineyards offers an unforgettable spectacle. From Beaune to the gates of Lyon, with famous names such as Chablis or Nuits-St-George, this area is known all over the world, and equally appreciated. The relief and the climate are no stranger to it, however. The Grands Châteaux (big castle) and Abbeys come to charm seasonal stays for children and adults, or even for weddings and other big events.


Beaujolais is not only a famous wine celebrated every year, it is above all a magnificent territory. A region crossed by many rivers and streams offering a diversity of magnificent landscapes, not forgetting the change of colour that takes place in autumn. Located a few kilometres from Lyon, the region takes advantage of the sun to welcome tourists and visitors. Pleasures of hiking, wine tours, motor sports, historical heritage … this area combines Tradition and History at every corner. Enough to satisfy all types of holiday rentals, alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

Lyon Region

Lyon has always been able to stand out from other major European cities thanks to its museums, its activities, its cultural and historical heritage, and of course its gastronomic heritage. Isn’t this beautiful city called the Gastronomic Capital? The Lyon region offers all this in just a few kilometres. Seasonal stays in the Lyon region always offer incredible landscapes and buildings to contemplate. The great variety of relief, architecture and activity blends perfectly with the climate, whatever the season. An ideal destination for combining gastronomic and visual pleasure.

Ile de France Region

Ile de France is not only Paris, the capital, the great monuments and the magnificent architecture, it is a region that can be visited all year round. For a wedding, a big event, a trade fair, business, a romantic weekend or any other, there is always an unforgettable sight to experience. This geographical area with a radius of about one hundred kilometres, served by all planes, trains and roads, allows you to stay all year round in the best conditions, if you know how to find them.

New Aquitaine Region

Staying in New Aquitaine for one night or more, in a prestigious location is an unforgettable moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Charente with a view on the vineyards of Cognac, on Bordeaux, on Rochefort to discover the old stones, in the Périgord with the Dordogne river at the foot of the window or other. This beautiful French region (yet another) knows how to receive guests in the best conditions. Castles, apartments, exceptional hotels… visitors from all over the world come as much for business as for exceptional trips lulled by the sun’s rays…

Region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Provence, the French Riviera, the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains… you only have to hear these words (or to pronounce them) to feel the sun’s rays, to smell the lavender, to see your feet in the water by the pool or in the sea. A region rich in history, heritage and tourist attractions, the PACA region can be visited all year round, with or without reason. Whether it is a business or personal trip, for a short stay or not, in a castle or a luxurious villa, there is inevitably the prestigious location that awaits you whether it is in a typical Provencal village or in one of the large cities such as Marseille, Nice, Toulon, Aix en Provence, Antibes, Cannes …

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