Château d’Igé **** Hotel & Restaurant

A haven of peace 15 minutes from Mâcon and Cluny in the heart of a green setting and the surrounding vineyards; an invitation to take a break during the day, the time of a meal or the time of a night. The Château d’Igé, recently taken over and renovated by Gorges Blanc, has always been able to seduce its guests.

Luxury rooms and gourmet restaurant in South Burgundy

The Château d’Igé dates from the 13th century, renovated from top to bottom by Georges Blanc, has the best facilities and services to make every visit unforgettable. A 4-hectare park to breathe in the scent of the flowers, stroll in the shade of the hundred-year-old trees or simply take a digestive stroll after tasting the succulent dishes of the gastronomic restaurant.

Gastronomic restaurant near Cluny

The restaurant of the castle “La Table d’Igé” is ideally located 15 kilometres from Cluny and Mâcon. Various reception rooms allow guests to make the most of the quality of the menu and the atmosphere of the château. In the summer, you can enjoy the terrace with the gardens and nature nearby. In the middle seasons in the bright verandah. During the cold season in the room with the imposing period fireplace. Ideal to feel like a lord during a meal and lose all notion of time passing by. Poultry from Bresse, trout from the castle, Charolais meat, … Georges Blanc’s menu is sublime and features local products, all accompanied by the best wines of the Mâconnais.

Castle Hotel in Burgundy, France – booking online

Southern Burgundy will never be done giving up its secrets. This 750 year old castle is one of them. Charm, tranquillity, old stones and modern equipment (wifi and electric car sockets), character and history, everything is highlighted, including services, so that every reservation, every night of the hotel, is synonymous with wonder.

The Château d’Igé hotel **** has recently been transformed to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. The 10 rooms and 7 suites all exude a different charm and atmosphere, yet with period tiled floors and fireplaces. Have you ever slept in a luxurious dungeon? or even in the tower of a feudal castle?

Each of the guest rooms and suites allows guests to feel at home, only better, and in an accommodation whose stones and parquet floors have more than 7 centuries of stories to tell.

Castle for receptions and events

Weddings are the first forms of receptions that come to mind, yet the 4-star establishment is available for private and professional events such as seminars, business meetings, etc. when booking.

No doubt that this important reception for your personal life or the life of your company will seduce your guests.

In the aftermath of the 2018 Football World Cup, Antoine Griezmann, the Mâconnais came to spend part of the day in the company of his family, loved ones and numerous guests.

Stay rich in activities for all desires

The 4-star hotel restaurant of Igé is the focal point of your stay in South Burgundy. Of course, this area is ideal for wine and vineyard enthusiasts, yet many other activities are available. Whether it is for a romantic weekend getaway or a family stay at the gateway to the Beaujolais, there is always something to do, something to see, something to visit.

A mix of activities around Igé

The national stud farms of Cluny, the Romanesque Abbey of Saint Philibert de Tournus, the Romanesque churches of the Mâconnais, the surrounding castles, the Roche de Solutré and its prehistory museum, the caves of Azé and Blanot, the Wine Route, the Lamartine circuit, the golf courses of Mâcon La Salle and La Commanderie… unless you prefer to take advantage of the quietness and the air-conditioned outdoor swimming pool to recharge your batteries for a few hours or even take a bike ride and discover the numerous reliefs of the area.

Access to the 4-star castle of Igé

15 minutes from Mâcon

15 minutes from Cluny

60 minutes from Lyon

40 minutes from Beaune

30 minutes from Tournus

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