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Owning a holiday home and not being present every day can be stressful and cause some well-known worries: risks of break-ins, overflowing mailboxes, forgotten garbage cans… A house that is empty of its occupants will always be a dream come true for some people.

The concierge service relieves this stress and allows you to keep regular control of your property.

Moreover, this does not only apply to holiday and weekend residences. Main residences left alone for weekends, holidays and business trips are quickly spotted. Security professionals have been saying this for years:

A regular passage allows to show activity and presence in the residence and avoids problems.

Whether for a punctual absence or not, my remote concierge service adapts to your request and allows you to secure your property to a minimum. Picking up the mail, opening and closing the shutters, dustbins, lighting… so many little things that avoid occasions conducive to burglaries.

GOOD LUCK “SERENITY N1” from 35,00€TTC per month :

1 monthly visit with control
Verification of perimeters
Mail collection and redirection
Report with photos of the property after each visit


Additional visit : 25€
Dans le cas où une visite est nécessaire en plus

GOOD LUCK “SERENITY N2” from 60,00€TTC per month :

1 monthly visit with control
1 visit with control in case of bad weather conditions
Rough cleaning of the surroundings of the property during visits
Mail collection and redirection
Opening/closing the shutters, ventilating the housing
Preparing and putting your property on standby
Turning on/off or maintaining heating, water, appliances
Preparation of the property for personal arrivals
Watering plants
Report with photos of the property after each visit
Search for qualified service providers in case of work or emergency


Additional visit : 25€
In the event that a visit is required in addition

Control visit

40,00€ TTC

Not included in the package



Out-of-area travel

0,55 cts/km

Travel within a geographical radius of 20 km around Cluny is included.

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